Meaningful connection is formed when we bravely share our truth.

~Michelle Maros

Welcome to Heartland Therapy Connection. 

We’re glad you found us!

At Heartland Therapy Connection, we understand the need to feel connected: to people, to resources, to yourself. We know that life experiences can often interfere with the success and satisfaction of those connections, and we are here to help.

How are you… really?

Do you feel disconnected from yourself, your purpose? Is the past too present, interfering with your life? Are you feeling less connection in your relationship or family than you’d like? Maybe you don’t quite know who you are, feeling a disconnect from your own identity… whatever that is.

That’s no way to live.

Life can be lonely and confusing sometimes. Things may happen that are out of your control, leaving you struggling. It’s hard to navigate through the ups and downs alone. Sometimes it may be hard to even know how you feel. You’re just trying to get by.


Through a connection with a professional therapist, you can find your way to the life and relationships you are seeking. We will help you explore old patterns and resolve the effects they may be having on your current life. We will teach you the skills to help manage daily stressors and communicate effectively at work and home.

Our commitment is to provide excellent therapy in a comfortable and relaxing setting, holding the space for your healing.

Please take time to explore the website, read our blog, and check out our therapist pages. We look forward to building a connection with you!

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