Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Asexual, Plus:

The diversity of identification and expression found within the LGBTQIA+ community demonstrates the complexity of Queer identity. It’s an on-going challenge to identify ourselves in a world built by/for heteronormative norms that don’t apply to us. Yes, Queer rights and visibility have grown over recent decades. However, renewed legislative and legal attacks on the rights and lives of transgender people highlight the legal, social, and political anxiety central to the experience of being Queer in America.


It’s a challenge to simply survive in a society that is often hostile to Queer identity and rights. Many LGBTQIA+ people struggle to find an authentic sense of wholeness and self-derived authenticity rather than being defined in opposition to heteronormativity. It’s no wonder then that, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Queer people are between two and four more times likely to experience a mental health condition than their heteronormative peers. Queer-affirming care considers the unique challenges and pressures LGBTQIA+-identified people face in addition to the stresses of everyday living.


Working one-on-one in a private, confidential environment, our LGBTQIA+ affirming providers can help give you the tools and coping skills you need to help navigate life. We will help you work towards finding an authentic expression of self driven by your priorities, values, and needs. Furthermore, counseling can help you to manage and express your emotions in positive ways. Therapy can help you improve your sense of wellness, improve communication skills, and deepen connections with those you love. We see you, you are important, and we’re ready to help.