Humanity is our ultimate community, and everyone plays a crucial role.

~ Yehuda Berg



Because we believe we are all #BetterConnected, community outreach is extremely important to everyone in our Heartland Therapy Connection team. We seek out opportunities to give back through community education, nonprofit support, and stepping up whenever and wherever we can.

Here are a few of our recent community opportunities.

Londonne Ayers and Isabella Tambone doing community outreach


Londonne Ayers gave a Lunch & Learn talk for the UMKC community. Our virtual presentation focused on education on mental health issues and suicide prevention.

We were happy to use our experience and education to offer current UMKC students these helpful statistics, warning signs to watch for, methods of assistance, and next steps. Next up? Stay tuned!


Heartland Therapy Connection puts caring into action by supporting the important cause of veterans’ mental health. Because this cause is important to us, we often participate in Warriors’ Ascent.

Warriors’ Ascent was created by two combat veterans who saw the need for more community support for veterans. The week-long program provides tools for veterans struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress. We are proud and grateful to be part of this impactful nonprofit.


Heartland Therapy Connection’s team joined up with UMKC Roos to support the university’s Mental Health initiative.

We, Jessica Horine (pictured) and Anna Saviano, gave a talk at to UMKC Conservatory faculty and staff on how to address the mental health needs of students. We talked about stats, how best to identify warning signs, and how to help students experiencing difficulty. Then we gave tips on how best to support college students who might be away from home. In addition, we discussed how students might be struggling with identity, and what’s normal.