Why do people add exercise to their routine? Maybe they are looking to increase their energy throughout the day, improve their physique, or find a community of people who share the goal of bettering themselves. Another reason might be to increase their mood and relieve stress– but how can exercise actually help with this?


Our brain produces a natural mood elevator called endorphins. Endorphins provide feelings of relaxation and optimism, which can be gained by exercising.

exercise to relieve stress

The best part about exercise is that it can produce endorphins and relieve stress without having to follow a perfect plan. Any exercise can work! One person may run the stress away on the treadmill. Another may sweat the stress away during a high intensity workout.

Stress can often manifest as aches and pains in our body. With exercise, you can build your tolerance to stress aches and pains as well as relieving them at the same time. Exercise is a controlled form of stress in itself: you release stress hormones as you workout, and in turn, learn how to manage it with practice. Your tolerance for stress increases.

Relieving tension can come from stretching, meditation, and breath work. It might even come from the realization that after each lap you walk, run, or swim, you’re starting to think about your worries for the day less and less.


The best way to find an activity that reduces stress? Pick something you enjoy! If you’re wondering where to start, try thinking of your interests. Do you enjoy being in the sunshine? Maybe walking, hiking, or bike riding is for you. If you would rather have someone tell you what to do, try looking for gyms that offer classes. This could be your local rec center or it could be a  more specific gym, like a CrossFit or Orangetheory Fitness. Yoga is a great exercise to reduce stress as it teaches mindfulness and breathwork while getting a workout in.

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