I love talking about money. This has not always been the case, but my perspective has shifted over the past couple of years. I work with a lot of young adults, and for nearly everyone, money is a source of confusion, stress, upset and frustration. Not having any, not having enough, not knowing how or where to get it, now knowing what do with if if you do have any. These are the common problems that a lot of folks have. Throw on top of that an unwillingness to talk about it and the cultural pressure to “not ask and not tell,” and we get a lot of uneducated and distressed people when it comes to the money game.

A few facts (in case you didn’t know)…

  • Everyone has to deal with money.
  • The current capitalistic society we live in runs on money.
  • Having or not having money doesn’t *mean* anything about you (your worth or loveability is not based on your bank account, for example).
  • Talking about money is okay.
  • Most people don’t know that talking about money is okay.
  • Money is a big deal.

I have found conversations about money to be among the most powerful in therapy. It is freeing to have some of the misunderstandings cleared up. To gain awareness about where your money ideas and hang-ups comes from is enlightening and the path to changing the things that aren’t working.

In case you haven’t read any of Jen Sincero’s work, it’s amazing. She’s smart and hilarious and irreverent. I highly recommend her content on audio, because she narrates her books herself and the tone is spot on, totally accessible. I also recently heard an episode of the Forever 35 podcast interviewing Amanda Clayman, a financial therapist. In the way things seem to always happen, I had just been talking with someone about the need for some kind of energy-based financial-money-knowing-planner person. The very next morning, as I was queuing up my morning podcast lineup, I selected this Forever 35 episode because I’ve been meaning to listen to more of theirs. AND THERE IT WAS. A financial therapist. I’ve never heard of such a thing and it was exactly what I’d asked for!

On this podcast and in her web material, Amanda discusses the need to address your mindset when it comes to money. The conversations that I have with people involve exploration of family beliefs, history, and the messaging we got growing up when it comes to money. Was it a stressor? Something to be scared of? Thrown around or hoarded or fought over? Depending on those answers, as adults we are going to run our money life very differently.

I like to add a little abundance practice to my money life as well.  Abraham Hicks Publications is the original source material for the Law of Attraction and all of it’s affiliate information. This is a huge site with tons of information; you can take or leave as much of that as you want as it can be a lot to process. However, I do suggest my clients listen to this financial well-being meditation in order to get in the best head space for financial success.

What do you do for money wellness? Are there quirky or random practices you swear by? (Side quirk: I don’t spend five dollar bills and save them all for vacation… You’d be shocked at how quickly that can add up even without using cash for much!). I welcome links and recommendations that have gotten you through tight times.

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