Want to learn more about neurodiversity? Awesome! Not sure where to look? Look here! While this blog post won’t have everything you need to know about neurodiversity, I hope I can give you a few key takeaways as well as some new resources to help you on your journey to learn more and support Neurodiversity Awareness Month.

Books for neurodiversity awareness month

As I began reading articles about neurodiversity for October, I came across an essay written by Mykola Bilokonsky that opened my eyes on writing and talking about neurodiversity. I will reference this essay and share some of the resources that were shared in this essay.

A phrase that Bilokonsky shares right away is “Nothing About Us Without Us.” In short, it means that as we talk about Autism, we should listen to Autistic voices to set the boundary in terms of what respectful representation looks like. This also means reading from reliable sources. There are many sites talking about neurodiversity that do not talk to or fact check with the very people they are talking about.

Another part of this is understanding that just one Autistic person saying it’s right to say one thing does not mean that another person doesn’t feel differently about it, and yes, both people are correct! For example, if an autistic person says “Autism is not a disability,” they are correct, and if another says “Autism is a disability,” they are also correct.

The term “disability” itself is a loaded word that has the ability to both help and harm a person. It can also mean one thing in one culture and something different in another, so let’s all be mindful of how we use the term.

neurodiversity awareness month

Resource #1: Neuroclastic

This is a blog run for and by Autistic people. The editor goes out of her way to make sure that a diverse range of voices are heard, and this is a great place to be exposed to perspectives you may not find on your own. There are a lot of short blog posts that are quick reads to give insight on the differences and similarities Autistic people experience.

Resource #2: Autastic

This site seems to strive to make not only Autistic people feel welcome, but newly-diagnosed Autistic people as well. It also has many resources for and by Autistic people of color. They have an Autastic Community that provides resources and guides for late-identified people of
color and allies.

Resource #3: AWN

Autistic Women and Nonbinary Network (AWN) has a mission of providing community, support, and resources for Autistic women, girls, transfeminine and transmasculine nonbinary people, trans people of all genders, Two Spirit people, and all others of marginalized genders.

Here at Heartland Therapy Connection, we hope to be an ally and/or someone who can help you find the next step for care if you identify as neurodivergent, sense that you might be, or have more questions around neurodiversity.

If this sounds like something you have been searching for, give us a call at 816-287-0252. You can also send us an email at hello@heartlandtherapyconnection.com today! Happy Neurodiversity Awareness Month!

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