Take a moment and think about how you react to stress. What does that look like for you? How does it feel just to think about stress? When deadlines pile up, it feels like there’s not enough time in the day, or you’re confronted with an unexpected setback, how do you manage?

While stress may show up differently for everyone, it’s something we all experience at some point. Learning various ways to deal with stress gives you more tools in your toolbox to choose from when a stressful situation arises. One helpful tool is acceptance. This approach is especially helpful when stress is unavoidable or out of your control, like in the case of a loved one’s death or a layoff.


  • Acceptance begins with mindfulness. Start by dialing into the moment. Pay attention to what’s going on. Identify and acknowledge the stressor.
  • Now determine if what’s making you feel stressed is in or out of your control. Really examine your present moment, explore the details. Is this something you can change?
  • If the source of your stress is out of your control, this is where you can begin approaching with acceptance. 


  • You’ve identified the stressor is uncontrollable. Think about why you have been attempting to control this, what stands out? What emotions have been holding you back? Release any negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Now it’s time to accept your stressor as being stressful and not something within your control. Finally! How does that feel? 

Being mindful when you’re stressed can be difficult, this can take some practice! Acceptance is one of many tools out there to help you manage stress and stressful symptoms.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed and struggling to manage stress on your own, contact us. A therapist at Heartland Therapy Connection can help you learn how to effectively manage stress.

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