In March, we certainly think of the dynamic women who have fought for equal rights through everyday interactions, and literal marches!  These women, like many women still do today, felt passionately about the changes they deserved in their work, home, and social lives.  Dynamic refers to the process of constant change, progress, and action.  When referring to a person, we often mean someone who has ideas and drive to achieve these changes and progress.  So do they never get tired?

If they are anything like me and other women I know today, they likely feel tired every day from their efforts.  Exhaustion is a signal to our bodies and minds that we need a recharge.  Heartland Therapy Connection is here to help you – or a woman you may know – connect with that recharge.

Recharging ourselves is similar to how we charge our phones.  Sometimes we need a long overnight recharge where we can completely power down to feel back up to a full charge.  Sometimes we only have time for a quick power up to add 5% more energy to our tank.  And for the most part, we need to recharge at least a little bit every day to keep marching on effectively. 

Honor when you feel tired.  Get some sleep! 

Even if you need a 5 minute time-out, remember that you can be more efficient once you have met this biological need.  It’s ok to take that break.  Your work isn’t going anywhere and you might even be able to tackle it with more clarity after a moment of rest.  Your brain uses sleep to sort information you have taken in throughout the day, remove toxins that have built up, and sharpen communication abilities among your neurons.  Resting not only revamps how you feel, it also does a lot of work behind the scenes.  (If your interest is peaked or “your friend” needs more proof, you can find out more here Brain Basics: Why Sleep Is So Important.)

Seek gratitude for the things that make you feel tired.  It may help you recharge! 

Kids are the first example that comes to mind of something that can deplete and refill my energy in a day, an hour, or sometimes in a stunning five minute interval.  Sometimes I forget to focus on the moments that make me feel fulfilled and use my exhaustion as a reminder to be thankful for the things I cared about and worked toward.  “Yes I feel tired and that means I was able to accomplish something that was important to me.”  If you need more ideas to incorporate gratefulness into your recharge ritual check out this blog post on Gratitude

Set a schedule to recharge and stick to it. 

If possible, going to bed at the same time each day is helpful for your body to get in a habit of falling and staying asleep.  In a similar way, you can schedule a five minute break in your day so you don’t forget to to rest your eyes, take some deep breaths, pet your dog, do something just because it makes you happy, text a friend who fills your cup, or thank a woman who makes a difference in your life.  You may even be reading this post because you find yourself searching for more ways to feel relief, recharge, and cope with everything you have going on.  You don’t have to do it all on your own.  Schedule a free consultation with one of our therapists and discover how we can help you on your journey today.  #betterconnected 

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