The COVID-19 Pandemic altered life as we knew it in 2020.  Now in 2021, it is time to get back on track, but how do you do it? 

  1. Vent.  A trained therapist can help you release (expectations, feelings, stress, memories) in a productive way that can shed insight on what you want and how you might get it.   Uncovering and exploring in the presence of a supportive counselor can feel healing on its own while pointing you in a direction towards growth (aka your best life).  
  2. Define your goals.  In therapy, you can work with a professional to break down your goals into simple, realistic, and time-based steps.  These goals can cover stress, career, family, personal growth and healing, relationships, and anything else that pertains to you and your needs.  Your therapist will help you track progress towards these goals and make modifications so you feel motivated to get to the next step. 
    • Example Goal: Reduce my anxiety. 
    • Example steps you might take with your therapist:
      1. Identify what leads to anxiety. 
      2. Practice reacting intentionally in ways that make you feel empowered over anxiety.
      3. Learn skills that can reduce anxiety and promote wellbeing.  
  3. Increase coping skills.  Relaxation does not come as second nature to most people.  However there are evidence-based skills you can learn and practice in therapy to help you feel more stabilized and confident in your abilities to cope with stress.  
    • Thousands of coping skills exist, so you can explore what works best for you as an individual. 
    • Breathwork, using physical objects or your body, mental games, soothing strategies, and any combination of these techniques will become part of your regime to tackle life’s problems as they come.  
  4. Integrate mindfulness.  Mindfulness has been shown to improve mental health.  Mindfulness practice can help you regulate your emotions, respond in a desired rather than reactive fashion, bolster your pain tolerance, and increase your compassion for yourself and others. 
  5. Live your best life.  Therapists might refer to this as “self actualization.” Basically, the work you put into therapy can help you fulfil your highest potential.  Kansas City is a great example of the variety of ways that potential can be met for different people.  Is it your time to get on track? 

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