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A tidbit of women’s history you might not know…. Like the rest of us, Dr. Francine Shapiro had problematic experiences.  Yet, her troubles led to a discovery that could treat trauma.  

As many of us have done, Dr. Francine Shapiro went on a walk to think about something troubling her.  She had been darting her eyes back and forth when she realized she was no longer upset.  She was intrigued.  Her discovery led her to research an efficient method of treating trauma.  Shapiro’s trauma treatment protocol is known as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).  

Dr. Francine Shapiro had a passion for researching and helping people who had been affected by trauma.  She became an expert in healing the effects of traumatic or adverse experiences.  She demonstrated how EMDR therapy could rapidly reduce negative emotions and disturbing vivid images associated with traumatic memories. EMDR therapy has helped people heal from the physiological, physical, and societal effects of adverse experiences.


Approximately 70% of the adult population in the U.S. has reported having at least one traumatic experience.  Specific examples of traumatic experiences include but are not limited to abuse of any kind, childhood neglect, unwanted sexual contact, witnessing or experiencing violence, accidents and natural disasters, some medical operations, cultural or historical trauma, and loss.  Many people who have experiences like these can start to think and feel more negatively, feel unsafe or on guard all of the time, and have physical reactions when they remember something about the traumatic experience.  This may intrude on a person’s ability to focus, work, maintain relationships, and enjoy life.  

Women's history

Dr. Francine Shapiro was dedicated to healing the suffering caused by trauma.  At Heartland Therapy Connection we have the same mission.  


All of our therapists are trained in EMDR, so all clients can benefit from this treatment. In as little as one session, EMDR can help neutralize a memory that was previously disturbing.  You can work with your therapist to explore memories that no longer activate a distressed response. This can help to enhance a more adaptive perspective. This process can be repeated with multiple memories to help you get unstuck from your past. Imagine finally moving forward. Your nervous system will allow you to do that, once you have the tools you need. At Heartland Therapy Connection, we connect you to those tools and guide you towards a more meaningful life.

Does EMDR sound good to you?  Do you have questions or experiences to share?  

Trauma is unfortunately common.  Many experiences can be too overwhelming for us to process on our own.  Fortunately, at Heartland Therapy Connection, trauma treatment in Kansas City is our specialty.  We will help you have a better understanding of the impact of trauma and treatments available to help you.  We will help you learn skills to reduce the intensity of your distress and shift your functioning from survival to recovery.  

Is it time to start living the life you want to live?  Set an appointment or ask more questions here.  

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